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The methodology of SkillsPlus, which sets it apart from others includes Professional and Soft-Skills' joint-group discussions, workshops, seminars and real life case studies, some of which go beyond technical know-how and into complete life skills...

List of  Courses offered:

(This  list  is non-exhaustive and SkillsPlus designs and delivers bespoke modules as per clients' needs)

One day  modules:


1.  SP011 Risk Management for  Ship  Managers:  Beyond  Accidents & Incidents


2.  SP012 Risk Management for  Ship  Managers:   Understanding  &  Mitigating  Risks (Market, Execution, Operational and  Credit)


3.  SP021 Ship  Sale  &  Purchase:   Protecting

Owners' Interests


4. SP022 Ship Sale & Purchase:  Role of Ship

Managers  and  Classification Surveyors


5.  SP031      Financial       Management    for Non-Financial Managers: "How it all comes together"


6.  SP032 Cost  Management for  Non-Finan­cial   Managers:  A  Dollar   Saved   is  A  Dollar Earned.


7.  SP041 Chartering for  Ship Managers: The

Owners' Perspective


8.  SP042   Chartering for    Ship   Managers: Role of Ship Managers to Protect  Owners' Interests


9. SP050    Legal    Aspects    of    Shipping: Navigating the  Troublesome Waters  of Initial Negotiations


10. SP101 Develop  Emotional Resilience  to Strive &  Thrive in  Challenging Situations at Workplace


11.  SP105 Enhance Conversational Skills  for Success in Sales, Negotiation & Relationship Management

Two day  modules:


1.  SP010 Risk Mitigation through Application of   Emotional  Intelligence  and   Cross-Functional Knowledge


2. SP020 Ship Sale & Purchase:  Protecting Owners' interests  &  Role  of  Ship  Managers and  Classification Surveyors


3.  SP030 Cost  &  Financial   Management for Non-Financial Managers: A Dollar Saved  is A Dollar  Earned  and  "How  it all  comes  together"


4. SP040  Chartering for  Ship  Managers: Owners' Perspective & Role of Ship  Managers to  Protect  Owners' Interests

SkillsPlus Awareness & Self-Development Programmes:

1. SP110 Enhancing Personal Effectiveness

2. SP111 Attributes to be Successful

3. SP112 Strategy Leading to Success

4. SP113 Client Management ; Working Through Human Traits

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