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Knowledge is Power, and it becomes truly effective when it facilitates actions that enhance performance.  A well-informed workforce, that feels part of the mission takes pride in their role, and strives harder to contribute to the growth of the organization.

The success of any organization depends on the collaborative efforts of the people across different cross-functional teams, working in sync with each other, to achieve the corporate objectives.

In order to build a ‘High Performing Collaborative Workforce’ it is important to equip them with ‘The Knowledge’ that enhances overall understanding of different functions in the organization, concurrently develop ‘The Behavioral Skills’ that can help them implement ‘The Learning in to Doing, thus Bridging the Know Do Gap!

SkillsPlus is dedicated to developing a workforce that has the power of ‘Knowledge’ and ‘The Softs Skills’ to apply the knowledge.


SkillsPlus brings to you a unique proposition where key practical aspects of professional knowledge are imparted through decades of real life experiences that go to the roots of “nipping the trouble in the bud” in almost all risk management areas of shipping and commodity industry, be these market, execution, operational or counterparty risk.


This is done through knowledge building blocks for obvious reasons. We also supplement this knowledge with the state of art soft skills techniques. areas of Emotional Intelligence Development, Leadership, People Management, Personal Effectiveness, Change Management, Stress Management, Relationship Management and Customer Service.

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