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The methodology of SkillsPlus, which sets it apart from others includes Professional and Soft-Skills' joint-group discussions, workshops, seminars and real life case studies, some of which go beyond technical know-how and into complete life skills...

List of  Courses offered:

(This  list  is non-exhaustive and SkillsPlus designs and delivers bespoke modules as per clients' needs)

One day  modules:


1.  SP011 Risk Management for  Ship  Managers:  Beyond  Accidents & Incidents


2.  SP012 Risk Management for  Ship  Managers:   Understanding  &  Mitigating  Risks (Market, Execution, Operational and  Credit)


3.  SP021 Ship  Sale  &  Purchase:   Protecting

Owners' Interests


4. SP022 Ship Sale & Purchase:  Role of Ship

Managers  and  Classification Surveyors


5.  SP031      Financial       Management    for Non-Financial Managers: "How it all comes together"


6.  SP032 Cost  Management for  Non-Finan­cial   Managers:  A  Dollar   Saved   is  A  Dollar Earned.


7.  SP041 Chartering for  Ship Managers: The

Owners' Perspective


8.  SP042   Chartering for    Ship   Managers: Role of Ship Managers to Protect  Owners' Interests


9. SP050    Legal    Aspects    of    Shipping: Navigating the  Troublesome Waters  of Initial Negotiations


10. SP101 Develop  Emotional Resilience  to Strive &  Thrive in  Challenging Situations at Workplace


11.  SP105 Enhance Conversational Skills  for Success in Sales, Negotiation & Relationship Management

Two day  modules:


1.  SP010 Risk Mitigation through Application of   Emotional  Intelligence  and   Cross-Functional Knowledge


2. SP020 Ship Sale & Purchase:  Protecting Owners' interests  &  Role  of  Ship  Managers and  Classification Surveyors


3.  SP030 Cost  &  Financial   Management for Non-Financial Managers: A Dollar Saved  is A Dollar  Earned  and  "How  it all  comes  together"


4. SP040  Chartering for  Ship  Managers: Owners' Perspective & Role of Ship  Managers to  Protect  Owners' Interests


5.  SP102  Emotional Competence for  Professional  Excellence


6.  SP103 Enhance  Emotional Competency at Workplace and  Develop  Highly  Collaborative, Performance Oriented Teams


7.  SP104 Enhance  your  Leadership Potential

- Lead from  wherever you  are

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